Kurt Hummel. 17. Hold on to your boyfriends, ladies.

Practice Makes Perfect || Blaine & Kurt

Kurt was pleased with himself when Blaine agreed to accept his help with practice. He seemed nothing short of sweet and perhaps a bit less than confident through their texts… both of which piqued Kurt’s curiosity. Of course, that wasn’t the only thing that piqued when Blaine mentioned how naked his ability caused him to be from time to time. Kurt was incredibly, incredibly ready to see what would play out between the two of him. And he knew that with his own charm and good looks, he was quite a spectacle among the boys of Piscatiqua. Most found him irresistible; a fact that Kurt exploited often. It was time to see if Blaine shared the popular opinion.

As Kurt waited on the bench of the recreation center, he glanced around for Blaine. He was admittedly anxious to meet the attractive, soon to be naked, adorable new boy.